What We Do

We are a company based in the United Kingdom specialising in helping businesses find the right manufacturers around the world. We have a database of over 300 factories who specialise in all different types of products.

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What We Do:

We source a manufacturer best suited for your product

We get a sample made for you to approve


If you are happy with the sample. We then let the manufacturer know

You make the payment and we release the manufacturer details to you.

Our customer support team will always be on hand to help you out.

All manufacturers CE Approved

All our manufacturers are CE approved and have been tested before.

Non Disclosure agreement

For every New Idea or product, we sign a Non Disclosure agreement to protect your idea or product.

Full Company Information

We provide a full company information of manufacturer, contact number/watsapp number and skype username.

You need...

We get a lot of people who aren’t experienced in this field. First you should determine what type of supplier you’re looking for.


  • A manufacturer if you want to produce your own product idea.
  • A supplier (who may also be a manufacturer), wholesaler or distributor if you want to purchase already-existing brands and products.
  • A dropshipper if you want to supply products and fulfil orders of already-existing brands and products.

Below are some key advantages of why you should use us


Higher manufacturing quality


Easier communication with no language barrier


Best possible prices due to our high purchase value


Greater payment security and recourse


Easier to verify reputable manufacturers


Faster shipping time


High intellectual property right protection


100% Quality Guaranteed

Problems buyers face when dealing with manufacturers overseas


Low manufacturing quality


Little intellectual property protection


Difficulty navigating language, communication and time zone barriers


Low quality from ManufacturerDifficult/costly to verify manufacturer and visit on-site


Longer shipping time


Cultural differences in business practices


Product importation and customs clearance


Less payment security and recourse

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