What is Product Sourcing?

Product Sourcing is a means for all online vendors to find the products to sell through their business. Now, this source of products can be domestic or international. Renewable product sources are essential to building a powerful e-commerce brand or website. The e-commerce websites act as a mediator between the buyer and seller. Product sourcing includes negotiation with suppliers, cost calculations and researching, and the techniques of doing so. It is implied that the objective of product sourcing is finding the best goods at a reasonable price with a justifiable margin for your store. Almost everyone uses e-commerce websites like Amazon and e-bay for online shopping, and hence sellers use Amazon & eBay Shopify product sourcing for selling goods online.

Product sourcing techniques-

There are many factors to consider because choosing a preferable method for product sourcing.


This is the best option for sellers to scale their businesses who will not need to manufacture their products themselves. The benefit of working with a wholesaler is that they permit you to sell unique goods without making them by yourself. You may search for any wholesale supplier online to get the products that you want.


If you are a retailer, it is better to work with the manufacturer and to cut out the trading companies acting as middlemen. For sourcing products, you may connect to the nearby expos, events, or attend trade shows. The benefit of attending these events is that you get to interact with manufacturers face to face.


Dropshipping gives access to numerous products of different varieties. Dropshipping is a liberal product servicing technique where the supplier sells your products and delivers to the customer and once the sale is made, pays the seller accordingly. The best part about dropshipping is you do not have to manage packaging, shipping, or inventory.

Product sourcing companies-

Sellers hire product sourcing companies to act as a middleman to deliver the best product at the best price. Usually, the big companies that do not have time to convey the products hire them because the cost of hiring such a product sourcing company digs into profits.

Sourcing platforms-

Various sourcing platforms target retailers and suppliers. When it comes t the e-commerce sites, Amazon & eBay Shopify product sourcing, then dropshipping or sourcing platform method is mostly used.

These are the techniques of product sourcing, but the most significant for your online business is to find the right products and right suppliers to sell and to provide the products, respectively.